The Bilingual Greeks of Macedonia do not consider themselves as a minority. They are Greek and they understand and speak a second language other than Greek. It is a Slavic Idiom based on Bulgarian and contains Greek, Turkish and Albanian words. It is not the Makedonski language of Skopje which was formed by Yugoslav Serbs in 1944 by removing many Greek, Bulgarian, Albanian elements and replaced them with Serb. This emphasis was politically motivated and made to purposely distinguish the bulgarophile citizens of Vardaska Banovina from Bulgaria. The Vinozhito (OURANIO TOXO/RAINBOW) Party of Greece based in Florina does not represent these people at all, contrary to what Vinozhito and Skopje Claim.

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Ο χρήστης Ανώνυμος είπε…
It's not a second language asshole, it's their mother tongue. They learned it from their parents. Greek is their second language. They are certainly not Greek (I know you know that already), though many of them are Grkomani (Hellenized Macedonians).
Ο χρήστης Neas είπε…
Macedonia is a Greek word and term, Macedonians speak Greek and only Greek, you people has invaded to our lands at 700 ac, Macedonia exists many many years before you invaded! Even your language is a mix of other languages... There is no archaeological evidence that your language exist before 700 ac in the hellenic Area... If you dont beleive my words try this site there are 346 Classical Scholars worldwide who resist to them (to you, and your kind) who try to change the HISTORY!!! And there you can find all the scientific proofs there is about this ridicullus matter!!! (And watch your temper, because you may have problems...)



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